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Theresa Johnston

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Since moving to Orlando in 1970, Theresa Johnston has lived in the Conway area of Orlando, posh Winter Park, suburbs of Seminole County and now calls College Park her home.


Theresa became a guide with About.com in 2000. Since that time, she has worked for Orlando Magazine and for the Where Orlando publication. She's also been featured on Central Florida News 13, and contributed to Wine & Cuisine Magazine, reviewing and reporting on Orlando restaurants and events.


Theresa is a graduate of the University of Central Florida.

By Theresa Johnston:

Having lived in the Orlando area for over 40 years, I have watched the Central Florida area grow from a small town with few suburbs and seemingly fewer native Orlando residents to one of the largest tourist destinations in the country. The Orlando area is an amazing mix of culture, tourism, sports and sunshine that has something different to offer to everyone. Whether you are traveling to the tourist capital of the world, looking to relocate to Orlando or a resident seeking information and advice, I am here to help you out.

You can also read more about Theresa's current and past work on her Google Profile: Theresa Johnston.


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