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Conserve Gasoline


A few hints to help you get the most out of a tank of gas.
Difficulty: Easy
Time Required: 15 minutes

Here's How:

  1. Are you keeping your vehicle tuned-up and getting your oil changed at recommended intervals? Always keep your vehicle in good repair, since a well-tuned engine burns less gas.

  2. Do you follow your vehicle's correct starting procedure? Check your owner's manual, since long warm-ups usually are not necessary, and just waste fuel.

  3. Avoid congested roads that contribute to inconsistent speeds and continuous starts and stops.

  4. Never fill your gas tank to the very top. Excess gas will just slosh or seep out.

  5. Do you know what the accurate pressure is for your tires? Keep your tires inflated to the maximum limit. Under-inflated tires waste fuel and wear out the tire tread.

  6. Clean out the trunk! Carry only what is necessary in your vehicle. Excess weight uses more fuel.

  7. Make sure that the gas cap securely tightened. Gas can evaporate easily.

  8. Be conservative when it comes to air conditioning.

  9. Car pool whenever possible. Include your children in carpools to school and sports.

  10. Pre-plan your trips. By taking care of all of your errands that are in the same area you will not only save gas, but your precious time as well !


  1. Steps for figuring out miles per gallon (mpg) for your vehicle.
  2. Higher-priced gasoline isn't always necessary. Check your owner's manual for what is best for your vehicle.
  3. Keep in mind that for highway driving, it is usually more fuel efficient to drive with the air conditioner on, rather that with the windows open. Closed windows at high speeds creates less air resistance.
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