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Ponce Inlet Lighthouse

An Historic Florida Lighthouse at Ponce Inlet, Florida


Ponce Inlet Lighthouse

Ponce Inlet Lighthouse

photo by Theresa Johnston
The Ponce Inlet Lighthouse graciously marks the inlet that connects the Atlantic Ocean and the Halifax River just as it has since 1884. Only about an hour's drive from Orlando, this beautiful historic landmark, stands 175 feet and is the second tallest lighthouse of its kind in the United States. Opened to the public in 1984, the Ponce Inlet Lighthouse provides a lesson in history about an area once referred to as the Mosquito Inlet.

Nestled in between Daytona Beach, to it's north and New Smyrna Beach, to it's south, The Lighthouse at Ponce Inlet, is one of Florida's great historical treasures. Listed as a National Historic Monument, the lighthouse is unique because it has survived along with all seven of it's original buildings.

The days of the uniformed lighthouse keeper are long gone, but visitors can still peek into the lives of the brave men and women that once manned the rocky inlet. Two of the original three keeper's residences have been turned into museums displaying navigation instruments, pirates' treasure, photographs and early lighthouse keeper uniforms. The third home has been restored with period authentic furnishings, depicting life at the turn of the century. The old woodshed now outfitted with wooden benches, takes visitors back in time with a 20 minute video presentation about the beginnings of the lighthouse. Other authentic lighthouse buildings consist of the pump house, privy and of course the Ponce Inlet Lighthouse itself.

Since 1992, the Entrance building and Lens Exhibit building have been added to the grounds to provide visitors with an additional museum housing the magnificent First-Order Fresnel lens, and a gift shop filled with nautical momentous, books and knickknacks.

Fast Facts:
The base of the lighthouse is 32 feet wide, where the brick walls are 8 feet thick. The lighthouse tapers to 13.5 feet at the top, where the walls are 2 feet thick. The lighthouse is about 176 feet tall, with the focal plane of light at 168 feet above sea level. There are 194 steps to the watch room with nine semi-circular landings (21 steps between landings, except the upper landing which has 17 steps.

I-95 exit 85, east on Dunlawton Ave. across the Port Orange Bridge to Daytona Beach Shores, south 5 miles on Atlantic Avenue, west on Beach Street, turn left onto Peninsula Drive. 

Ponce de Leon Inlet Lighthouse Museum
4931 South Peninsula Drive
Ponce Inlet, FL 32127

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