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Disney's Animal Kingdom



Begin your expedition into the wilds of Africa at the edge of a typical wildlife reserve in the coastal village of Harambe, with its bustling marketplace, white-washed walls and reed-thatched roofs typical of present-day Swahili architecture. A huge, gnarled baobab tree, traditional icon of the African savannah, serves as the starting point for Kilimanjaro Safaris . Traveling in large, open-sided safari lorries, you will follow bumpy trails exploring 110 acres of forests, rivers, hills and grasslands filled with free-roaming antelope, rhinos, hippopotamus, zebra, crocodiles, baboons and other creatures. The high adventure culminates in a race to save an elephant herd from a gang of dangerous ivory poachers.

The journey ends at Pangani Forest Exploration Trail where you can disembark and walk through a bamboo jungle inhabited by two troops of lowland gorillas, see hippos from an underwater viewing area and explore a forest of exotic birds. And they can board the well-worn steam trains of Wildlife Express to Rafiki’s Planet Watch for a backstage look at the veterinary headquarters and center for Disney’s Animal Kingdom conservation programs. Enjoy interactive experiences and meet wildlife experts to discover how you can help endangered animals around the world.

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