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Playalinda Beach - Clothing Optional?

Where are Central Florida's Nude Beaches?


For the past 40 years, Playalinda Beach has been a popular naturist beach for nude sunbathers, both local and tourists. Bathers at this popular destination in Brevard County are still at battle with Brevard's anti-nudity ordinance that was enacted in 1995. Beach goers argue that the Canaveral National Shoreline is a federal property and the County Sheriff has no right to enforce a local ordinance there. Both locals and tourists still flock to the beach. Even with an occasional arrest, nude bathers continue to have a presence on the beach, posting watches in an effort to warn bathers in the event that law enforcement is approaching. You can visit the Central Florida Naturists site to find out more about the ongoing ordinance battle at Playalinda Beach.

Read about what a visitor to Playalinda had to say regarding arrests and the overall attitude at the beach.


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