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La Nouba

The Music


Always there, hidden in the shadows are the talented musicians who perform the unique music that is heard at each performance of La Nouba.

Housed in the 75-foot towers that frame either side of the stage, are the seven musicians who are responsible for the high-energy music that adds excitement and suspense to the show.

In addition to the sounds generated from the guitars, keyboards, accordion, saxophone, drums, bass and the violin, a male and female vocalist discretely appear and disappear at various points throughout the production.

Look carefully for the origin of these powerful voices that seem to be singing in some obscure language. If for a moment, you can take your eyes off all the action that is going on, you may spot one of the vocalists either off to the side of the stage, on a window frame suspended from the ceiling or at one of their other partially hidden posts.

Once again a stark contrast is used in attire, this time with the two vocalists. The female singer dons an innocent schoolgirl look complete with a white dress, ankle sox and short gloves which is a distinct contrast to the male singer with his flamboyant feathered headdress and elaborate robe.

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