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Central Florida Ride Reviews

Journey to Atlantis 
at SeaWorld

August 13, 2003
Age: 10-15
Rating: AWESOME!!! 
Journey to Atlantis was really cool. I really enjoyed going on it. I wan't to go on it as the first ride when I come their again. If you never went on this ride you better it is mostly the best water coaster made.

Submitted by Chris Cook

August 15, 2002
Age: Over 30
Rating: AWESOME!!! 
Thought it was amazing!!!!! I'm from Newfoundland Canada and was in Sea World last year expecting to see only marine life and such. What a treat to have this thrill of a roller coaster there as well. Loved the Park and I'll definately be back next year. Take Care - Kimberley.
Submitted by Kimberley

November 17, 2001
Age: 16-20
Rating: AWESOME!!! 
Okay, first of all, I'm from Kentucky, so something like this isn't offered up this way. I've ridden this ride 3 times: 1999, 2000 and 2001. I love it. I like going down the first flume because I experience the stomach-throat syndrome every time. I say this because everything just shifts upward during this drop. I love it... I also like going down the "secret" roller coaster thing in the back. I kept my eyes open the whole time this last time and it was totally freaky. I like that part, although I hate roller coasters... Overall, I love this ride and I give it a 5.

Submitted by: Becky

June 23, 2000
Age: 16-20
Rating: AWESOME!!! 
A Great thrill ride!  It had my heart racing throughout most of the ride!  I did not pay much attention to the seahorse.  Even the televisions in the line were neat.  The lines tend to be long, but it's worth the wait!

Submitted by: Dion

August 9, 2000
Age: 16-20
Rating: AWESOME!!! 
This is the best water ride ever!!!!!!!! Great thrill ride!  Spectacular!

Submitted by: Nikki


August 8, 2000
Age: 10-15
Rating: AWESOME!!! 
Pretty good ride for Sea World.  The story with the little seahorse doesn't make much sense, but the ride was great.  I had fun getting wet, and squirting others from the squirt guns outside the ride. 

Submitted by: cool rider

August 10, 2000
Age: Over 30
A great ride if you don't mind getting wet!  Lines tend to be a little bit long, especially as the day wears on.  Fun turns and twists, with a few surprises thrown in.

Submitted by: apollokids

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