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Backstreet Boys
Forming the Backstreet Boys Band
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The Backstreet Boys started out as an idea from Orlando businessman and entrepreneur, Lou Pearlman who had an  interest in the music business.  After seeing the huge success of New Kids, a group of five boys taken from the streets of Boston to form a band, Pearlman knew he could achieve the same feat here in Orlando.  Advertisements for 'male teen singers that move well between 16-19' were soon appearing at local high schools, drama schools in the Sentinel and the  Florida Blue Sheet.  

With hundreds of applications, auditions for the band were soon underway.  The Backstreet Boys, as we know them today, were not the first group that was selected.  Originally the first five  were AJ McLean, Howie Dorough, Nick Carter, Charles Edwards and Sam Licata.  Artistic differences lead to a breakup with Charles and Sam in 1993, leaving The Backstreet Boys 2 short.  This short-lived group's first job was performing at the Fashion Square Mall.  

In desperation to re-form the The Backstreet Boys, auditions were immediately restarted.  Through mutual friends, Kentucky native, Kevin Richardson, who was working for Disney at the time, was recruited into the band.  Pearlman tried to stay with his original plan of having a group of Orlando teens, but after several unsuccessful weeks of scouring Orlando for a fifth member, Kevin called Brian Littrell, his cousin in Kentucky, to come to Orlando for an audition.  He was immediately taken into the group, that contrived it's name from the Backstreet Market, a teen hangout off of International Drive.   

The current members of the Backstreet Boys had their first big concert at SeaWorld Grad Night,  just 2 weeks after Brian joined the group. For exposure the group continued working at local malls, Pleasure Island, area nightclubs and restaurants.  Within 6 months of forming, they were considered to be one of Florida's hottest acts.  

The 1995, release of their single "We've Got It going On" was an instant hit in England and throughout Europe.  By the end of 1996, the group had won multiple awards in Europe and Canada, achieved fame throughout Asia and Australia and sold nearly 10 million CDs worldwide.  They returned to Orlando to work on new tracks for their U.S. album, BACKSTREET BOYS, which took the US by storm, and brought along a string of live TV appearances.  But this fame was nothing compared to what their Millennium album brought, a record breaking 1,133,505 in sales, setting a record for the most albums sold in one week, ever!

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