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Concert in the Park

Free Concert Series


The City of Kissimmee showcases a wide variety of music and entertainment each month from January through May. The monthly events are offered free by the City of Kissimmee and are held at Lakefront Park. Partake in a blend of music, art, literature and food that represents the cultural diversity of the City. The themed concerts are:

  • Kissimmee Sunshine Regional Chili Cook-Off
    January - International Chili Society sanctioned chili cook-off.
  • Kissimmee Festival of Rhythm & Blues
    February - One of the largest Black History celebration events in Central Florida.
  • Caribbean Fusion
    March - Representing a cultural mix of Caribbean and Latino music and dance.
  • Jazzfest
    April - Sponsored by Kissimmee West Rotary Club, featuring local high school performers as well as regional acts.
  • Symphony in the Park
    May - The Concert Series finale, a performance by the Orlando Philharmonic.
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