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East Coast Beaches - Maps and Directions


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Playalinda Beach Map and Directions
East Coast Beaches - Maps and Directions

Directions and Maps for Florida's East Coast Beaches including Playalinda Beach.

National Park Service

Within the Cape Canaveral National Seashore, Playalinda Beach is well known as one of Florida's nude beaches.  Local's term the area Beach 13 since Playalinda Beach is broken into 12 parking areas with the very end of the beach, past lot 12 sectioned off as the nude beach section. 

The southern access of Playalinda Beach is in Titusville, on State Road 402.

Directions Playalinda Beach from Orlando:

From the Airport, you will travel about 26 miles east on the FL 528.
Head north on I-95 for a little over 8 miles until the exit for State Road 406 (exit number 220) towards Titusville.
State Road 406 is also known as Garden Street which becomes A max Brewer Memorial Parkway or State Road 402.
TTake this to where it forks into Playalinda Beach Road. 


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