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City of Apopka



Apopka is also known as the “indoor foliage capital of the world” because of its multi million dollar foliage industry. In the city's 24.9 square miles much of the land outside of commercial and residential area is still used for agriculture. The city is located 12 miles Northwest of Orlando and the estimated population in 2005 was 37,000. Apopka is also noted for being home to the 2001 baseball US Little League champions.


The city has a strong mayor type of government, which the population must approve of considering their mayor, John H. Land, is the longest serving mayor in the United States with a tenure now reaching 55 years. The city is also unique in that it is in Orange and Seminole counties, but predominantly in Orange.


The area was first inhabited by Seminole Indians who lived along the Apopka river banks. The word Apopka came from the Timucuan Indian language, and means big potato. The area was first settled by non natives in 1842. In the 1850's the settlement began to grow because of the agricultural opportunities available in the area. The area continued to grow rapidly in the 1860's and 1870's and was incorporated as a town in 1882. Apopka is currently one of the fastest growing areas in central Florida due to new construction on the 429, a major highway in the area.


Apopka's Seaboard Air Line Railway Depot- Built 1918, in 1993 the site was added to the US Nation Register of Historic Places, presently used as a warehouse.

Also See:


  • Carrol Building - Built 1932, the building was originally used as a hospital but is now a historical museum.
  • Mitchill-Tibbetts House - built 1887, home to some of Apopka's early devolpers.
  • Ryan and Company Lumbar Yard - built in 1924, is one of the area's local business.
  • Waite Davis House - built in 1886, is now a private home.


  • Apopka High School- The varsity football team won the state championship in 2001, and were district champs in 2000 and 2006. A notable alumni being Warren Sapp who currently plays in the NFL for the Oakland Raiders.
  • University of Florida College of Pharmacy- A satellite campus is located in the Apopka area away from the main UF campus in Gainesville.

STATISTICS (Census 2000):

28.2% of population under 18
10.1% of population over 65
9,562 households
38.2% of households have children under 18
73.85% Caucasion
18.08% Hispanic or Latino
15.56% African American


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