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City of Longwood



Centrally located within Seminole County, the City of Longwood was named after a suburb of Boston by the original homesteader, Edward Warren Henck. Some of the earliest settlers came to the area in the 1850's but many left after the Great Freeze of December 1894. In 1923 the Town of Longwood became incorporated as a city.


The City of Longwood has a very diverse collection of homes, communities and multi-family dwellings. In the early 1970' with the development of Sweetwater Oaks, Longwood became known as the upscale Orlando suburb with its multi-million dollar homes on several-acre lots.

As Lake Mary grew to the north, Longwood expansion pushed outward with large developments along Markham Woods Road. The newer-upscale communities that border Lake Mary along with the grand homes of Sweetwater Oaks has put the 32779 Longwood zip code as one of the wealthiest in the county.


The well planned, family communities encouraged stringent school standards attributing to some of the best schools in the nation. This has resulted in Longwood being a sought after city for families with school-aged children.


Home to possibly Florida's oldest tourist attraction, The Senator, a 3000 year old bald cypress. What we now call Big Tree Park was once a wilderness sanctuary for early Indian tribes.

In October of 1990, an area consisting of around 190 acres and 37 structures was recognized in the National Register of Historic Places. Longwood's Historic District is partially on County Road 427 just north of State Road 434.


Though there no major malls in directly in Longwood the Altamonte Mall is just a short distance away.

Sometimes it's hard to tell where Longwood ends and Altamonte Springs begins as S.R. 434 is often the defining line between the two with Altamonte Springs to the south and Longwood to the north . Popular restaurants over-lap within these two cities. Small, family owned venues such as Mykonos Greek Restaurant and Terra Mia's Italian Restaurant offer friendly service and authentic cuisine. Throughout this area you will also find a multitude of chain and fast-food restaurants.


City of Longwood
175 West Warren Avenue
Longwood, FL 32765
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