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Learn About Orlando Neighborhoods and Suburbs


Information on living in and around Orlando. Orlando Metro includes four counties: Orange, Seminole, Lake and Osceola. Each county has a combination of cities, towns and communities with their own government offices. Schools, parks and libraries are run by individual counties. The following resources will help you navigate through the topics of real estate, relocation, and community and government services, including local utilities, transportation and roads.
  1. Downtown Orlando Neighborhoods
  2. Outer Orlando Neighborhoods
  3. Winter Park
  4. Orange County Suburbs
  5. Seminole County Suburbs
  1. Osceola County Suburbs
  2. Lake County Suburbs
  3. Central Florida Real Estate
  4. Services for Living in Central Florida
  5. State & County Resources

Downtown Orlando Neighborhoods

The hub of the Central Florida area, Downtown Orlando contains the central business district. If you're looking for theatrical venues, sports arenas or a variety of dining and entertainment options, Downtown Orlando is the place to visit.

Outer Orlando Neighborhoods

Many unique and beautiful neighborhoods are located outside of the downtown area.

Winter Park

Home to many impressive and historical buildings, Winter Park has long been considered one of the most beautiful cities in the Central Florida area. Located within Orange County, just northeast of Orlando, Winter Park is an easy commute for residents that work in the Downtown Orlando area.

Orange County Suburbs

Encompassing 907 square miles, Orange County has the largest population of the four counties that make up Central Florida. Throughout Orange County, you will find a variety of distinct areas, each with unique identities, from older communities to newer upscale gated areas that are known for their golf, lakes and amenities.

Seminole County Suburbs

The smallest in size of the four counties that make up Central Florida, Seminole County is often referred to as Orlando's bedroom community. Known for its high ranking public schools, Seminole County attracts both mid-scale and upper-end housing.

Osceola County Suburbs

Central Florida's largest county by area, Osceola County embraces its past while forging into the future. Well known in the 1880s for its cattle ranches, citrus and abundant land, the area now boasts one of the highest concentrations of guest rooms in the country.

Lake County Suburbs

Aptly named for its abundance of lakes, Lake County lies predominately to the west of Orange County. Laid back charm, rolling hills and natural settings make this an outdoor lover's paradise. With its close proximity to the attractions, natural lakes and golf courses, Lake County is a hot spot for many relocating to the Orlando area.

Central Florida Real Estate

Looking for housing options in Orange, Seminole, Lake, Osceola and Polk Counties? Here is an overview on available real estate in the Central Florida area.

Services for Living in Central Florida

Orlando Vacation Homes

Relocating to a new area requires an understand of basic services, such as utilities and media services for your home, transportation services, airports, toll roads and car rental companies.

State & County Resources

In this section, you'll find information on government resources, insurance, state parks and election offices by county.

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