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Filing Your Florida Homestead Exemption


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When Should You File for a Florida Homestead Exemption?

Under Florida Law, every person is entitled to apply for a $25,000 homestead property tax exemption if they have legal or equitable title to real estate and maintains it as their permanent residence. Partial exemption may apply if the ownership of the applicant is less than 100%.

You must have been a legal resident of the county in which you are filing and made that your permanent legal residence as of January 1st to qualify for a Florida Homestead exemption for the current year.  The initial application for property tax exemption must be made between January 1 and March 1 of the year for which the exemption is desired. You can pre-qualify for the upcoming year, anytime starting March 2 through December 31. Once you have successfully filed for your Florida Homestead Exemption, it will automatically renew each January as long as the title on the property has not changed.

Applications can usually be made in person, through the mail or on-line, but to ensure that all information is correctly filled out and all required forms accounted for, it is best to apply in person at the county where the home is located.

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