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Filing Your Florida Homestead Exemption


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What is Needed to File for a Florida Homestead Exemption?
Some counties have different requirements, so it is best to call ahead to verify what is needed and to bring as much documentation as you have available. Below is a list of what is generally required to file for a Florida Homestead Exemption.

For proof of residency, you will need:

  • A copy of your Warranty Deed.
  • Property Tax Bill (if you have received one).
For each person listed on the title you will need:

  • Your Social Security Number (Some counties will require a copy of your Social Security Card.)
  • A copy of your Florida Vehicle Registration (if you have one).
  • A Declaration of Domicile - the affidavit of residency obtained through the County Comptroller's Office.
  • A Florida Driver's License (if you drive). The address on your license must match your current address.
      If you do not drive, you must have one of the following:
      A Florida Identification Card, with your current address.
      Your Voter's Registration (if you have one).
If you are not a U.S. Citizen, bring your immigration number and date or your resident alien (green) card.

Additional information that may be required:

  • Date each applicant became a permanent Florida resident.
  • Date of occupancy.
  • Date of birth of all applicants.
  • Any exemptions filed last year.
  • Address of last income tax return.
  • If property is titled in a trust, copy of entire trust must be submitted or Certificate of Trust supplied by the Property Appraiser's Office.
  • If you are filing on a mobile home, proof of title or registration to mobile home and deed to property must be brought into office to obtain a "Real Property" application.
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