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Treasure Tavern


Treasure Tavern

Featuring comedians, acrobats and dancers themed to a Caribbean outpost for rum and good times.

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Treasure Tavern offers an energetic evening of non-stop comedy, daring acrobatic acts, live music and unique performances paired with fantastic dining in an Orlando show like no other. To create the exciting and edgy experience, the crew has shanghaied world-class chefs, hot bartenders, beautiful dancers and amazing performers from across the globe, providing adults a captivating and tantalizing getaway from the ordinary.

The adventure begins as Gretta, the tavern's outlandish bar maven, escorts guests through a two-hour show filled with excitement, entertainment, rum and a three-course dinner. Through the night, guests are treated to artistic acrobats, singers, dancers and comedians from across the globe that have gathered in this unique location for fun.

Details on Treasure Tavern include:

  • Shows will run five nights a week, with two shows on Friday and Saturday.
  • Only adults aged 18 and up will be admitted.
  • Admission is $49.95 including a three-course dinner, featuring prime rib.
  • Admission to the show without dinner will cost $24.95.
  • Ala cart appetizers will be available as well.
  • Guests (over 21) will be treated to a signature rum punch.
  • The show's entertainment will rotate based on seasonal availability of entertainment acts.

About Treasure Tavern:
Treasure Tavern is owned and operated by Odien, Inc. the parent company of Pirate's Dinner Adventure. Renowned for 14 years in the dinner theater industry for exemplary service, facilities and first-class entertainment, Pirate's Dinner Adventure and Treasure Tavern are located one block from world famous International Drive.

Treasure Tavern
6400 Carrier Drive
Orlando, FL 32819

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