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Jobs in Orlando

Tips for Finding Orlando Jobs


If you’re having trouble finding a job in Orlando, don’t give up. There are jobs out there; it just takes time, patience, dedication and luck to land one. If you’re currently out of work, applying for work in Orlando should be your full-time job until you‘re hired.

Orlando Job Hunting Tips:

1. Know the area. Whether you’ve recently moved to Orlando or are simply new to job hunting, you’ll need to become familiar with the local job scene. Certain industries are always booming in Orlando, while other may be experiencing new growth. Tech, hospitality, healthcare and theme park jobs are usually plentiful in the Orlando area, but it pays to do your research at least every six months while looking for a job.

2. Use local job placement companies. Organizations such as WorkForce Central Florida can provide valuable information and help in your Orlando job search. Individuals working for local job placement agencies stay on top of current job openings and new opportunities. You can save a lot of time relying on their expertise and experience.

3. Network locally. If you went to school in Central Florida, call up old classmates and teachers. Use social media to ask local friends (and their friends) for job leads. Make sure your LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter accounts are updated and look professional, and then spread the word that you are looking and would make a valuable addition to an Orlando organization.

4. Take what’s available to get your foot in the door. If your dream job is to work as Cinderella, it might be difficult to settle for a job in a Disney gift shop. To begin, though, your goal should be bringing home a paycheck and building up your resume to help you land a better job later.  

5. Go big. Many large companies in the Orlando area always seem to be hiring, and many offer good pay and benefits. Orange County Public Schools, for example, is the 16th largest school system in America. Apply there. Other places to consider are local hospitals and universities.

General Job Hunting Tips:

1. Don't ignore offers for part time or temp work while looking. Some income is better than no income, and all experience adds up.

2. Keep track of the places you apply, your contacts and interview dates. This information will help prevent confusion and make it easier to follow up.

3. Practice your interview skills. Many job placement companies can help with this, but don’t discount the advice of your friends. Those who know you best are aware of bad habits that may show up during an interview.

4. Have a professional look at your resume. This is especially important if your resume hasn’t been updated in several years or you have minimal work experience.

5. Don’t stop applying because one company shows a little interest or schedules an interview. Never assume you have a job until the end of your first day.

6. Look outside the box. Branch out from your current field or comfort level. Consider something similar to, but different from, what you’ve done in the past.

7. Don't rely on online resources. Ask every friend and ex coworker for leads. Go door to door, if necessary.

8. Understand and accept that job hunting is exhausting and stressful. Take time for yourself, get plenty of rest, and don’t schedule so much in the same day that you have no time to eat lunch.

9. Create a routine. If you’re better organized, you’ll miss less and fell less stressed. Schedule phone calls for when you feel most focused, such as after breakfast.

10. Consider going back to school. If you truly cannot find an opening in your current field, maybe it’s time to think about a new career path. Alternatively, maybe a graduate degree would help you become more competitive in your current field.

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