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Zellwood Corn Maze


Every fall Long and Scott Farms opens up a giant maze made of live field corn to the public. Before you enter the maze, you will be given a map that must be decoded under 3D stations located throughout the maze. There are also fill in the blanks and activities that must be completed in the maze on the map.

The Corn Maze:
Each year there is a 6 acre maze, a mini maze, and a tree maze.  The 6 acre maze can take nearly 3 to 4 hours to complete, so the mini maze and tree maze are excellent activities for younger children. As you enter the giant maze, you will be given a long pole with a flag attached to wave for help if you get lost.

The mazes that Long and Scott put together are not just a simple walk-through, they are adventures, filled with stations that contain clues, hidden around every corner. Every year the maze is themed differently and a bird's eye view of the maze depicts a picture representing that year's theme. The clues that are given at each station relate to the theme and use educational references.  Throughout the week the mazes are reserved for groups and children on field trips, but on the weekends it is open for individuals can come and make their way through the maze.

Other activities:
The property also features many other activities that are included with admission. Each year, the farm sets up a 60' slide, a playground, a wind tunnel, and other small mazes. Other optional activities that can be added onto the price of admission are hay rides, fishing for children, and a giant pillow jump.

Local vendors set up stands with a variety of foods that are similar to what you would find at a fair or carnival, but the food tastes much fresher and more home-made than what you would generally find at those sorts of events. Some types of foods that are usually available are Italian sausages, popcorn shrimp, and BBQ sandwiches. The highlight of the menu options are definitely Zellwood's famous boiled sweet corn and fresh squeezed lemonade. There is also a small market set up at the entrance, with plenty of fresh produce that can be taken home to cook later.

Other Important Information:
Tuesdays through Fridays, the maze is only open to groups that have made reservations. Saturdays and Sundays the maze is open to the general public. The maze is open from 1pm to 5pm with the last admission ticket being sold at 3pm. Admission starts at $9 for youths and $11 for adults, and can run up to $16 depending on if you purchase a combo with other activities. The maze is open select days from September to December of each year.

More to Note:
Visit the website for instructions on cooking and storing fresh corn along with some delicious recipes on cooking with corn.

Long & Scott Farms
26126 Country Road 448A
Mount dora, FL 32757


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