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Lake Como Naturist Resort

Pasco County Florida


One of Florida's oldest nudist resort, Lake Como was founded in 1947. This family & pet friendly resort does not discriminate against singles - everyone is welcome. The property is owned and run by members of the resort. Home to more than 200 full and part time residents and approximately 1500 tourists each year.

Lake Como offers rentals in motel rooms - some with full bathrooms. Also available are lakeside cottages and travel trailers. A newer section features 33 mobile home spaces and 39 RV spaces with hookups and a bathhouse.

Located in central-west portion of the state, south of Land O Lakes.

Over 200 acres of nature with both recreation and sports amenities. Water sports on boatable lake. tennis, golf driving range, volleyball facilities. Pool, hot tub and a heated lap pool are available.

Lake Como Family Nudist Resort
20500 Cot Rd
Lutz, FL 33558

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