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Moving into an Active Adult Community in the Orlando Area


It seems that the age of individuals moving to Active Adult Communities is getting younger each year. The standard requirement for moving into an adult community generally is that one member of the household must be at least 55 years of age. Now for some of us this may seem fairly young since retirement benefits usually don't kick in until someone is in their mid sixties. But brutally cold winters, health issues and numerous other situations are causing more and more 'snowbirds' of the North to come to the Florida sunshine and make a new life for themselves while they are still young enough to enjoy it.

In the Central Florida area, most of the larger Active Adult Communities are located in Polk, Lake and Volusia Counties. Very seldom will you see any communities in Orange or Seminole County. The reason for this is money. Generally these communities include golf courses, town centers - complete with restaurants, pools and activity centers - and homes, lots of them. Land of that magnitude is just too scarce and therefore way too pricey within Orange and Seminole Counties, so developers such as Pringle and Avatar have chosen the outskirts of Orlando to build these massive communities.

In most Active Adult Communities, you have your choice of housing options: Duplexes, Town Homes, Zero-lot line, all the way to expansive golf villas complete with a separate guest house. Over the years, builders have determined that entertaining is a main focus for many active adults and have started designing their homes to include large, open kitchen, living room, dining room combinations. Most of the newer communities are gated.

Top Active Adult Communities in the Orlando Area

From the exterior an active adult community may look just like any other subdivision, but the differences and advantages are plenty:

  • No More Yard Work!
    Most active adult communities include lawn maintenance in the monthly HOA charge. The advantage here is that you will never have to complain to your neighbor that it's time for them to mow their lawn. Trees, shrubs and flowers are maintained to create an overall aesthetically pleasant, uniform community.

  • Lots of Activities
    You are bound to find water aerobics, dance lessons, computer classes, movie nights, wine tastings, art instruction, and so on - the list is endless. If the community doesn't provide it, someone is bound to get it started. Some of the larger communities will even plan cruises and group outings and vacations.

  • Great Support Network
    In an active adult community you will be surrounded by people like yourself. You will find couples and individuals from all over the world and just about every profession. Most people move to an adult community because they enjoy the social aspect that the community provides.

Just as there are a multitude of reasons for individuals to retire early, there are just as many reasons to choose Central Florida for that retirement:

  • Year Round Outdoor Weather
    Almost every one of the major active adult communities in the Orlando area have some sort of outdoor incentive - most will have golf courses, some have lakes for water sports, others have nature trails for walking or biking.

  • Close Proximity to the Theme Parks
    Many 'younger' active adults like to keep themselves busy and what better way than to pursue a dream job - work at a theme park. Look around next time you are at the Magic Kingdom, you will be surprised at the number of employees that are 55+, driving trams, loading monorails or assisting guests.

  • Grandkids Will Love to Visit Grandma & Grandpa
    Active adult community do have a stipulation about how long you are allowed to have guests under 18, but most of the time it is several weeks - and isn't that usually enough time? With Orlando being the tourist capital of the world, white sandy beaches nearby and with the Orange County Convention Center now ranked the second largest in the nation - Orlando is the place to visit.

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