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Best Breakfast in Orlando


Any day of the week is a great time to enjoy a nice breakfast out. The Orlando area has a fairly good selection of early morning dining options to choose from. Most of the restaurants below have several locations around the Orlando area with the exceptions of Fifi's in the downtown area and LePeep's, which only has one restaurant on Kirkman Road. These restaurants are open daily, with the exception of a few holidays.

Do you have a favorite little diner or breakfast spot that's not listed below? Post your favorites in the forum.

Le Peep

Cute and comfortable - from great American breakfast classics to some of the best pancakes in town. Try the Granola Blues for a great combination of sweet blueberries, crunchy granola mixed into a buttermilk pancake.

First Watch

A breakfast, brunch, lunch favorite in Central Florida. Long lines on the weekends but definitely worth the wait for their tri-fecta special of a Belgian waffle, two eggs and bacon or sausage.

TooJay's Original Gourmet Deli

Great selection of breakfast items, but some of the lunch choices may have you considering brunch over lunch. The classic deli combos of thickly stacked meats, cheeses and sides along with fresh made soups - you may just have to come back later for a second meal.

Mimi's Cafe

Breakfast, lunch and even late night dining. Upscale, family dining serving traditional entrees along with some creative concoctions. Known for their baked specialties including their mini carrot raisin loaf and delectable muffins.

Krispy Kreme

Not what most parents would consider a breakfast restaurant, but it's a fun outing for breakfast - or just about anytime during the day.

Panara Bread

No eggs or pancakes here, but Panara's definitely has some of the best bagels and pastries that you'll find in Orlando. Quick, easy and located on just about every street corner.
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