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Top Irish Pubs, Bars and Restaurants in the Orlando Area


Whether it’s a St. Patrick's Day celebration or a just a desire for some good Irish food & drink, here is a list of some of Scott Joseph's favorite Pubs in the Orlando area.

1. Raglan Road

Downtown Disney

You’ll find traditional music, familiar ales and even genuine fittings from old bars in Ireland, but the food is an updated version of Irish classics. Shepherd’s pie is a bit highfalutin but it’s a good example of what’s going on here. Whatever you have for dinner be sure to have the bread pudding for dessert.

2. Liam Fitzpatrick's

951 Market Promenade Ave.
Lake Mary, FL

This beautiful pub pays more attention to its ales than its food. Best to stop in for a pint or two, then head elsewhere for grub.

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3. Paddy Murphy's

4982 New Broad St.
Orlando, FL

Undoubtedly the rowdiest place in Baldwin Park, Paddy Murphy's often features live bands that crank the voume to the max. But the food, which consists of the basics, such as shepherd's pie and corned beef, is fairly good, and the service is pleasant.

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4. Scruffy Murphy’s

2625 Edgewater Drive
Orlando, FL

After leaving its downtown digs, Scruffy’s has taken over the space in College Park that was briefly Adair’s and even brieflier Gio’s. Despite some exterior decorating there isn’t a lot of Irishness in the ambience. But it has the requisite liquids and does a surprisingly good job with the food. I especially liked the scotch egg, a hard-boiled egg with a jacket of spicy ground sausage and bread crumbs deep-fried. If it was a prepackaged jobbie it sure didn’t taste like one. The shepherd’s pie was also good, with a rich gravy with lots of flavor and mashed potatoes lightly crusted under the broiler. Bartender was friendly and kept the glasses filled. No Irish tunes played during my visit.

5. The Celt

25 S. Magnolia Ave.
Orlando, FL

Go through one door and you’re in the Harp, an Irish restaurant. Go through the other and you’re at the Celt, a pub, and a pleasant one at that. There’s more of a Gaelic vibe in the décor, and little touches like the wood and slate floor and hardwood tables make it seem like it’s been there for decades. I had a cup of potato and leek soup, which was a bit over thickened and under seasoned, and the cottage pie, which was an ample serving and a good enough rendition. There’s a nice Irish stew on the menu as well. No Irish music here, either. In fact, there was a VH-1 rock movie on two large televisions the whole time I was there.

6. Claddagh Cottage

4308 Curry Ford Road
Orlando, FL

This little hole-in-the-wall near Conway Road just might be one of the most Irish of the area’s Irish pubs. It’s dark and rustic and sports the requisite memorabilia. It’s named for a fishing village near Galway and I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the regulars are from there too. It’s more about the drinking here, but there is good food, including cottage pie and Irish stew. 

7. Fiddler’s Green

544 Fairbanks Ave.
Winter Park, FL

Situated at the confluence of Orange and Fairbanks Avenues, this big pub started out as the Prince of Wales, which is hardly Irish. But it converted over a decade ago and changed the menu to include all the basics. Pub games are a part of the draw.
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