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Fireworks at Orlando Theme Parks

July 4th Fireworks Events


Fireworks at Orlando Theme Parks

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Photo by WDW

Orlando theme parks are always buzzing with excitement. Laser light shows, fireworks displays, parades and evening shows. It is hard to imagine that they could make the July 4th holiday even more spectacular.

If you are in town and visiting one of the area's major Attractions on the Fourth of July, be sure to check the schedule of special shows, tributes and Fireworks extravaganzas.


The Theme Parks are not the only place to celebrate Independence Day. The City of Orlando along with other cities in Orange, Seminole, Lake and Osecola Counties will be celebrating July 4th with daytime festivals, parades and live music performances.

Almost all city and town fireworks displays are free of charge and open to the public. Check the listings below for events that lead up to the holiday and those held on July 4th this year in the Orlando area.

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