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Orlando Home Show

What's Hot, What's Not!


Thousands attend the Annual Orlando Home Show in October at the Orange County Convention Center in hopes of getting charged up and motivated to make improvements in their home life. Attending in record numbers, area residents come to view the largest consumer showcase of new products and services for the home, furnishings and landscaping. The annual event is held for just three days in mid September. Each year invitees include celebrity guests and national experts discussing topics pertaining to home repair, remodeling and purchasing. Some topics presented offer practical, home-related advice on everything from energy efficiency to wine and food pairing.

More than 500 exhibits representing over 50 products and home-improvement items line the isles at the Orange County Convention Center. Exhibitors hand out pamphlets, samples and sometimes ‘freebies’ in an effort to entice individuals to spend a few minutes at their booths. Products can be ordered, services scheduled and in some cases items are available for sale right on the spot.

On-site parking is available at the Convention Center for a fee. Locals should always remember to ask if Florida resident discounts apply for parking. Tickets can be purchased on-line which is a huge time saver. Each year the show does offer savings for different fundraiser participation and discounted days and times. It’s best to check their site for further information.

Orlando Home Show Tips:

  • Check the schedule of guest presenters to find times and topics that are of the most interest to you.
  • Wear shoes that will be comfortable for several hours of walking.
  • Bring a note pad to keep track of interesting ideas.
  • Check for directions to the Orlando Convention Center.
  • Check the Orlando Home Show page for updated information regarding show dates/times, parking and cost.
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