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SeaWorld, Orlando

Central Florida's Premier Aquatic Theme Park


SeaWorld, Orlando
photo by SeaWorld, Orlando
As one of Central Florida's three major attractions, SeaWorld provides a day's adventure through high tech rides, animal interaction and a variety of seasonal specials and events. This marine adventure parks consists of 200 acres where visitors can get up-close and personal with killer whales, dolphins, sea lions, stingrays, otters and other ocean creatures.

The major stars of SeaWorld have always been the Killer Whales found in the Shamu Stadium. The massive, open air theater seats thousands that are there to view the killer whale show, "Believe".

The themed area of Key West is a mini attraction within itself with it's semblance the Southern most city in the US. If you have several days to spend at SeaWorld, this is an excellent place to stop to enjoy several hours of lush landscaping, tropical music, street performers and an array of aquatic life.

Continuous-viewing exhibits don't need to be scheduled and are a great way to fill in the time between shows. Indoor attractions such as Terrors of the Deep are a great reprieve from the hot Florida sun and provide an opportunity to take advantage of a little air conditioning.

In addition to the hands-on interaction, presentations, and shows that SeaWorld offers, there are a multitude of educational programs and behind the scenes extras that may be of interest to you. For locals, SeaWorld offers an amazing educational program for Summer Camp. These are pricey and tend to book up early but provide a lasting impression on the children that attend them.

Florida Residents can take advantage of SeaWorld's Florida Fun Card. Pay for a day and receive the rest of the year for free!

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