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Top 10 Reasons to Visit Discovery Cove in Orlando Florida


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Swimming with the Dolphins
Top 10 Reasons to Visit Discovery Cove in Orlando Florida

Enjoying an up close and personal visit with a dolphin at Discovery Cove.

Photo © Discovery Cove
The Dolphin Lagoon will definitely be the highlight of your visit to Discovery Cove. On your 30 minute interactive adventure, you will get to meet several bottlenose dolphins. The experience is relaxed and personalized as each trainer accompanies small groups of 6 to 8 guests at a time out into a lagoon-like setting. Meet the dolphins up close and personal as you offer hugs, kisses and rubdowns. At the end of the session each guest will be given the opportunity to take a dorsal fin tow ride back to shore.

Things to Know Before You Go:

  • The only shiny jewelry allowed in the dolphin tank is a wedding band, so it might just be easier to leave jewelry at home.
  • Do not apply sunscreen or lotions before coming to the park as certain types are harmful to the dolphins and other marine life. Sunscreen will be provided at the park that is safe for the animals.
  • Guests who are not comfortable in deeper water have the option to do a shallow water swim with the dolphins.
  • A reduced park admission can be purchased for those who do not wish to swim with the dolphins.
  • Keep your group together so that only one CD of photos or DVD of the experience is needed if you choose to purchase it.
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