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Top 3 Rides at SeaWorld Orlando


Known mostly for their trained aquatic animals and educational exhibits, SeaWorld Orlando also offers rides to thrill and chill!

1. Kracken

“Kraken” a massive, mythological underwater beast, kept caged by Poseidon, is unleashed from the depths of the sea to shatter all records as the newest, highest, fastest, longest – and only floorless – roller coaster in Orlando. SeaWorld Orlando’s first-ever roller coaster is the first of its kind in the Southeast. Best described as a “floorless” coaster, Kraken’s seats are open-sided and ride on a pedestal, high above the track at speeds of 65 mph. Riders’ feet dangle and no coaster car surrounds them.

2. Journey to Atlantis

Take the plunge! Part water ride and part coaster, Journey to Atlantis takes thrill seekers into the lost city of Atlantis where the The Sirens, mythical spirits, wreak havoc on intruders to their city.

3. Wild Arctic

Guests are taken on a thrilling, motion-based flight over the frozen North where they are enveloped in the beauty, exhilaration and danger of Arctic exploration. Stepping from the simulated jetcopter experience they enter a frozen wonderland with live beluga whales, walruses, harbor seals and polar bears.

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