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New Hope for Kids

Helping Families through Terminal Illness, Grief and Loss


New Hope for Kids is the largest independent grief center in the State of Florida specializing in blending grief facilitation and intervention for children and families. The organization pairs with some of Central Florida's renowned businesses to create the areas most popular fundraisers, including the annual Art of the Vine, hosted by Fields BMW.

Services they Provide:
The Grief Program at the Center for Grieving Children provides support for children and families as they cope the with grief and loss related with death.

The program's Wish Program grants wishes to children aged 3-18 that are diagnosed with a life-threatening illness. These programs work together to provide a total family support program.

Volunteer Opportunities:
In addition to cash, stock and life insurance donations, New Hope for kids has an ongoing list of volunteer positions available. Another way to support this organization is through it annual fundraiser events such as Wine on Wednesday and Art of the Vine.

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