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Opportunities to Volunteer in the Orlando Area

Top Ways That You Can Give Back to the Community


Looking for ways to give back to the community? Volunteering helps individuals, keeps organizations that benefit our community running smoothly. Volunteer with time, money or your expertise here is a listing of ways that you can help.


Area cultural venues love volunteers! This is a great volunteering option for those that like to share their skills with the community. Whether you like to communicate with the public or work the phones, area museums are always looking for individuals to help out.
More: Art & Sculpture Museums, History & Science Museums.


Just about every not-for-profit, museum and charitable cause have an annual fundraiser to benefit their cause. This is a great opportunity to socialize while enjoying a nice dinner and entertainment. Often times the event will also have a silent auction at which you can pick up some interesting and well priced item, trips or theme park tickets.
More: Listing of Annual Fundraisers in the Orlando area.
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