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Orlando Average Monthly Temperatures

Winter in Orlando - Weather for December, January, February


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The Winter months of December, January and February generally provide the most pleasant temperatures in the Orlando area. Humidity can still be on the higher side and rainfall is at a minimum. This is the time of the year when the snowbirds of the north, ready for a break from cold dreary days, visit Florida.

These 'average' temperatures and have been known to vary a good bit in either direction. If you are traveling to the Orlando area, it's always a good idea to pack a light jacket.

Want to know what the actual temperature in Orlando is today? Then check out Current Orlando Temperatures.

Average high temperature: 72.9
Average low temperature: 51.3
Average precipitation: 2.15
Average humidity (1pm): 57
Record high (1978): 90
Record low (1983): 20

Average high temperature: 70.8
Average low temperature: 48.6
Average precipitation: 2.30
Average humidity (1pm): 56
Record high (1991): 87
Record low (1985): 19

Average high temperature: 72.7
Average low temperature: 49.7
Average precipitation: 3.02
Average humidity (1pm): 52
Record high (1988): 89
Record low (1996): 26

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