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Orlando Average Monthly Temperatures

Spring in Orlando - Weather for March, April, May


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As Spring approaches, Orlando temperatures start to warm up. Though still on the pleasant side, rainfall starts to increase and humidity falls slightly. 'Snowbirds' begin their descent north and spring break begins.

Springtime average temperatures tend to stay pretty warm - both highs and lows. Record highs, always a possibility can make for a blistering hot spring day. When traveling to the Orlando area, it's a good idea to pack for extremely high temperatures. Rain jackets, ponchos and umbrellas are a must for your suitcase.

Want to know what the actual temperature in Orlando is today? Then check out Current Orlando Temperatures.

Average high temperature: 78.0
Average low temperature: 55.2
Average precipitation: 3.21
Average humidity (1pm): 50
Record high (1994): 92
Record low (1980): 25

Average high temperature: 83.0
Average low temperature: 59.4
Average precipitation: 1.80
Average humidity (1pm): 46
Record high (1999): 95
Record low (1987): 38

Average high temperature: 87.8
Average low temperature: 65.9
Average precipitation: 3.55
Average humidity (1pm): 49
Record high (2000): 99
Record low (1992): 48

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