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When is Hurricane Season in Orlando?

Hurricane Season Information


A question that many ask is when does Hurricane Season start Orlando? The location doesn't matter, hurricane season for everyone, including Orlando Florida begins on June 1 and lasts until November 30th. During this time, Orlando area residents need to stay informed about any and all tropical storms and hurricanes that are forming in the Atlantic Ocean or The Gulf of Mexico.

Now is the time to prepare! We have all seen the grocery store lines that form, and the total chaos and panic that can happen when a hurricane warning is issued. This year, do yourself a favor prepare for the possibility of a hurricane now!

Here is some information to help you follow the storms and hurricanes while understanding their terms and classifications for a hurricane.
  • Category 1 - 74-95 mph winds
  • Category 2 - 96-110 mph winds
  • Category 3 - 111-130 mph winds
  • Category 4 - 131-155 mph winds
  • Category 5 - more than 155 mph
What is the difference between a Hurricane Watch and a Hurricane Warning?

Hurricane Watch - Conditions are possible for a hurricane within 36 hours. At this point your hurricane preparations should be underway. Follow the news and radio for more information.

Hurricane Warning - A hurricane is expected within 24 hours. All hurricane precautions should be in place at this time. If necessary, you may need to start evacuation procedures.

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