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Florida's Hurricane Sales Tax Holiday

Hurricane Supplies


NOTE: At the current time, the Hurricane Sales Tax Holiday has not been reinstated for the 2012 Hurricane Season

More Information on Hurricanes:

The following Hurricane Sales Tax Holiday information was for the 2008 Hurricane Season:

In an effort to urge Floridians to get a jump on being prepared for upcoming hurricanes, Governor Crist has signed into law House Bill 211 establishing a sales tax holiday at the start of the Hurricane Season.

Beginning on the first day of hurricane season, this reprieve from state and local sales taxes will run for the 12 consecutive days of June 1 through June 12.

While Florida taxpayers could save millions, emergency officials hope it will encourage individuals to prepare for the upcoming hurricane season and help to avoid the last-minute scramble for hard-to-get items.

  1. Flashlights and portable, self-powered light sources - $20 or less
  2. Portable radios, two-way radios and weather-band radios - $75 or less
  3. Tarps - $50 or less
  4. Gas or diesel fuel containers - $25 or less
  5. Batteries - $30 or less
  6. Non-electrical food storage coolers - $30 or less
  7. Portable generators - $1,000 or less
  8. Carbon monoxide detectors - $75 or less
  9. Storm shutter devices - $200 or less

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