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Current Orlando Temperatures

Weather for Orlando


The Weather Channel
Wondering what the current temperature in Orlando is? The Weather Channel for Orlando lists the UV Index, wind, humidity and pressure. Additional tabs show the predicted and actual temperatures for the current month.

National Weather Service Forecast - Orlando
The U.S.'s official weather service gives you a detailed seven day forecast including current conditions with satellite images.

National Weather Service
The Southern Regional Headquarters of the National Weather Service can keep you up-to-date on any tropical weather conditions in the Atlantic & Caribbean.

Just Weather
Need a more detailed look at today's predicted forecast? Just Weather gives expected temperatures in three hour increments throughout the day and night.

Florida WebCams
See what it really looks like out there. It may be warm, but is the sun shining at Daytona Beach? How crowded are the theme parks? Does your child spend too much time hanging out in UCF's food court? It's amazing what is captured on camera around Orlando.

Hurricane Information
Information on helping you prepare for a hurricane in Orlando and how to stay safe if one were to come your way.

Average Monthly Temperatures
A chart to give you a general idea of what kind of weather you can expect in the Orlando on any given month.

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