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Readers Respond: Reviews of Florida's Nudist Beaches

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Have you been to a Nudist Beach in Florida? Read what others have to say about the nudist beach they visited or share your experience. All comments will be personally reviewed before they will be displayed. Please do not include sexual or vulgar content as it will not be submitted.

Great Beach

Finally made it Playalinda beach and enjoyed to peace and tranquility there. Probably about 30 nude folks there on that day. Great to go in the ocean without a swimsuit. Nothing worse than coming out of the water with a wet, sandy, clingly bathing suit. You see all shapes and sizes of folks at a nude beach, but no one cares what they or anyone else looks like. Try it some time.
—Guest Smilin Bare

If Nude is for you.

My girlfriend and I came here in Dec. of 2011. The weather was bad but we sat on the beach anyway, two hours later the wind was pushing about thirty knots and along with about ten others we left, that cleared the beach. We came agian this past weekend (08/05/12). This time the weather was better and along with sixty ot seventy other people we had a wonderful time. Talked with a nice young couple who said they came every sunday, weather premitting. I talked with several people that have been comming for many years and have had no problems with police, as long as you behave . We saw a veryed mix of people rangeing from mid twentys to sixtys, to familys with small childern. the beach is out standing, sand and surf is beautful. easy acc. from the parking lot to the sand. We look forward to our next visit.

Love It

My husband and I had our first nude beach experience at Playalinda Beach. All I can tell anyone is if you have never tried it you have no idea what you are missing. The feeling is the best feeling ever.
—Guest TD

Been there, done that

We went to Playalinda in 2011. Enjoyed nude sunbathing. No one seems to pay attention to anyone else around them. Rangers rode by on a 4-wheeler, didn't pay attention to anyone. Another rancher rode through the parking lot, didn't get out of car. There was some highschool kids that came up the ramp and stared at everyone and started to carry on like dumb kids do. They left after about five minutes and it was enjoyable after that. Plan on returning this year.
—Guest Rocco78


My girlfriend and I wanted to enjoy our first nude beach together, however it never occurred. One gps wanted to lead us to an Apollo Beach on the west coast. The other led us to the wrong side of the Canaveral Seashore Park. We wasted 3 hours of our day off driving around. Would an Actual address or coordinates be to hard to put up? Guess we will try again another day.
—Guest A guy and his girl

"Exposing Yourself"

Nudity is not about 'Exposing yourself to others". This is a belief based on ignorance and confusion. Exposing yourself to others for sexuall gratification is a perversion or sickness. Nudity is about enjoying life without clothing (not unlike some bikinis). We do this to let the sun kiss our entire body. We do this because it is a freedom or choice. People have the freedom and choice not to participate, but should not condem others for doing so, especially if they have not tried it. I would never skateboard or snowboard, but if you want to, great. I would never sail around the world, but if you want to great. If I want to go nude, in a nudist resort then great. If you don't want to that's your perogative. Frankly, people with such narrow minds, I'd prefer you didn't see me nude, I don't need your judgement... This is about freedom, not a perverted sex act. People really need to grow up and get lives.
—Guest Scott H

Florida's Nudist Beaches

we were all born naked if you don't like what someone looks like then don't look
—Guest markerman2587

I dont get it

Why is it that you feel the need to expose yourselves to everyone else? And why is it that its typically those who really have no business being seen nude in the first place that want to be seen nude?
—Guest Wonderer23

Florida's Nudist Beaches

For as long as it has been going on about Florida's Nudist Beaches, Apollo and Playalind mostly, not being legal to go nude on, I say leave it along. You legal perks and law makers need to get off the ban wagon and let nudist have those beaches. They shouldn't have to worry about getting arested as long as they are not doing anything wrong. And I thank you know what I am talking about, laying there being bad when they should be laying there being good. There are no homes along the beach areas, so what's the fuss about. We want to just be left along. So why not do that. We have wars that are more important. It's high time you go do something good for the world. That's my opinion, and I'm sticking to it.

like reviews but looking for nude campin

near sarasot fla,,for rv ers,like review but trying to find near venice or sar. beaches camping the rewiew showed mostly orlando area east coast,could not find rv parks for fun lovin nudist,also were do not want familys dogs amust,if you could email us that area that would but great,we are from western new york and need to get our bods warm
—Guest barb and bobby hayden


Very informative I've often intended to visit a Florida Natursit Resort or beach.
—Guest Barry P

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